J. Terry Martin – 1988 – Athlete of the Year

Terry Martin was one of Canada’s leading ultra marathoners. An ultra marathon is an endurance race, measured in either time or distance, which extends beyond the limits of conventional distance races, including mara¬≠thons. Terry’s 1988 season began March 5th with a victory in the LaCloche classic, a 50-kilometre race from Espanola to Little Current, Ontario. His time was 3:31:47. On April 2nd he competed in the 100-mile New York Ultra marathon in Queen’s, New York. “Splits” of both time and distance are kept in ultra marathons for the purpose of establishing records at these intermediate times and distances. Terry set five new Canadian Open and Canadian Masters (age 40-44) records at the New York race: 6 hours (50 miles, 1736 yards), 12 hours (92 miles, 477 yards), 60 kilometres (4:11:52), 150 kilometres (12:13:51), and 100 miles (13:18:25). He also established a new Canadian Masters standard for 100 kilometres (7:30:18). On June 4th/5th, Terry won the Sri Chinmoy International 24 Hour Race in Ottawa, Ontario, covering a distance of 201.075 kilometres (124 miles, 1658 yards) despite nursing a painful hip problem. He finished 2nd on September 5th in the Golden Horseshoe Fifty Miler, a 50-mile race from Hamilton to Niagara Falls. His time was 5:52:39. Terry Martin, who turned 43 in December 1988, is a public school teacher in Barrie.

Other Nominees for the 1988 Athlete of the year were:

Tara George a figure skater who competes in Ice Dance. She had an outstanding 1987-88 season. In December 1987 she and her new partner, David McCulloch, won a bronze medal in Junior Dance at the Central Division Championships in London, Ontario. The result qualified Tara and David for the Canadian Na­tional Championships in January 1988. In October 1988, Tara passed her Gold Dance examination, which is the ultimate achievement for a club-level test skater. It involves an increasingly difficult progression through twenty dances, and comprises three examinations at the Preliminary level, three at Junior Bronze, three at Senior Bronze, three at Junior Silver, four at Senior Silver, and finally, four more at the Gold level.

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