Michelle Maria Maizis – 1990 – Athlete of the Year

Michelle Maizis was an internationally-ranked competitor in the sport of Karate whose 1990 achievements are nearly too numerous to list here. In 17 tournaments between April and November, she won 28 championships in Kumite (fighting), Kata (forms), Weapons, Weapons Kata and Open-Hand Kata. She also had 12 second-place finishes, 7 thirds, 2 fourths, and 4 fifths. Several of these tournaments were extremely prestigious. Maizis swept Kata, Kumite and Weapons at the Karatemania Martial Arts Championships at Conestoga College in April. She won Blue/Brown Kumite at the Canadian Invitational Martial Arts Tournament held in June at Western University, London. Maizis came up with a big performance at the Cabbagetown Open in Toronto, also in June, capturing championships in each of Open Hand Kata, Kumite, Under Black Belt Weapons and Kata. She closed out June with a tremendous effort at the Battle of Chicago Open, winning Open Hand Kata, Kumite and Under Black Belt Weapons. She won three events at the Washington, D.C. Classic and the Buffalo Can-Am Classic, both in August. When the National Black Belt League, North Central Region rankings were released, Maizis was 1st in Ladies’ Kata, 1st in Ladies’ Kumite, and 3rd in Ladies’ Weapons, making her the Ladies’ Adult Points Leader. Maizis was really just beginning at this point, winning titles at six more events between September and November, including the Dixieland Nationals in South Carolina. Her competitive season culminated with the Women’s Fighting Championship at the National Black Belt League World Championships in Niagara Falls, N.Y. on November 8th, where she also finished 2nd in Forms and Weapons.

When the new rankings were released, Michelle Maizis was rated 1st in Fighting Forms by N.A.S.K.A., and 1st in each of Forms, Weapons and Fighting in the Can-Am Ladies’ Adult Points rankings. A student at Kwan’s School of Kempo Karate in Barrie, she received her Black Belt, First Degree, on November 1, 1990.

Also an excellent volleyball player, Maizis plays on the Ontario Provincial Junior Team.

Michelle Maizis is 19 years of age (at the time of her award), and is a grade 13 student at Innisdale Secondary School.

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