The Coach / Team Official of the Year

The coach/ team official of the year is selected by a secret ballot of the Barrie Sports Hall of Fame Society’s Lifetime Voting Members. A list of qualified candidates are presented by the Selection Committee from nominations received from the public. Any Barrie coach or team official deemed to have attained an outstanding level of achievement, or to have made an outstanding contribution in any field of sport, or who has devoted his/her time to the encouragement of fair play and sportsmanship, is eligible for the award subject to the following conditions. The coach/team official must live or contribute to their sport within the city of Barrie. The coach or team official’s contribution must be essentially voluntary in nature, as determined by the Society. This award is presented annually for accomplishments from the previous year. It however can also recognize the body of the individual’s contributions over a period of time The recipient is presented the Barrie Sports Hall of Fame Society’s Memorial Trophy to which a plate is added indicating the year and the recipient’s name. A certificate of Recognition is also presented as a memento from the Barrie Sports Hall of Fame Society.

Past Winners

1989 Michael McCann
1990 Kate C. Wilson
1991 Dave Palmateer
1992 Louis Leroux
1993 Jim Hamilton
1994 Dave Garland
1994 Jack Phillips
1994 Bruce Clark
1995 Ralph Webb
1996 Ron Andrews
1997 Rusty Hastings
1998 Bianca McAleer
1999 John Knapp
2000 Craig Pearsall
2001 Peter Millsap
2002 Steve Porter
2003 Tim Lem
2004 Steve Kelman
2005 Ian Pavlik
2006 Bert Logan
2007 Greg Johnston
2008 Greg Hotham
2009 Scott Jackson
2010 John Chalmers
2011 Joe Denes
2012 Rob Roy
2013 Nicholas Cryer
2014 Angus Roy
2015 Joey Rampton
2018 Trevor Cowan
2021 Reid Saxby

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